For the past several years the greatest names in French industry have shown their faith in us. Objective Images knows how to buy into its clients’ values and add to them with each project.


GirRI Story

The challenges of the GirRI project summarized by its top-line managers after 4 years of development, work and infrastructures.

Length : 15’

Chile’s Ministry of Culture

San Francisco church

The church of San Francisco de Valparaiso is added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage. After a fire, work is started on an identical reconstruction.

Length : 4’


Film corporate

A presentation of GSF Group’s fields of activity and its worldwide involvement.

Length : 7’30


GSF avec Carrefour

The GSF Groupe takes part in moving the Carrefour Groupe into its new home offices in Massy Palaiseau.

Length : 8’


La Saga GSF

The history and high points of the GSF Groupe since its beginnings.

Length : 9’