Quality work in video clips has to be dynamic, esthetically pleasing and inventive.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture

Under the full moon

Caroline and Hugues Dubois set out to photograph Borobudur’s most famous frescos but only on the nights of a full moon.

Length: 3′


Simple comme Mappy

A video clip presenting the services provided by Mappy for its customers.

Length : 1’30


Clip Saipem

A video clip presenting the year’s leading projects in Congo, Angola and Mozambique and the start of the all-important Kaombo project.

Length : 2’


Keep your hands safe

A video clip presenting the new safety campaign, Keep Your Hands Safe.

Length : 2’


Clip Sofredid

A video clip presenting the activities of the engineering company.

Length : 2’


Service cardiologie de Versailles

The cardiology department of the Versailles Hospital Center for the convention of the think-tank on interventional cardiology.

Length : 1’30

Teaser d’un projet documentaire

Bali, Le paradis des démons

Encounter with Ibu Jero, Balain, Shamane and a healer.

Length : 2’